Flamenco Edition '16

Presents Compañía Olga Pericet, (Sin título)

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Artistic Director & Dancer

Olga Pericet


Miguel Lavis & Manuel Gago


Antonia Jimenez & Pino Losada

Lighting Design

Gloria Montesinos

One of the most celebrated female flamenco dancers of the moment, Pericet’s innovative approach to choreography and dance blends traditional flamenco values with an intense female force.

Through an original score, Pericet’s dance takes the audience to a personal and intimate world in which two distinctive and contrasting emotions are expressed through different (palos) styles. “Sin titulo” expresses those emotions without reservation, without additives. Olga and her company represent the most powerful, brave, and bold approach to today’s flamenco. This is a true tribute to tradition with a contemporary language.

Flamenco Edition is supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts

Tour Dates

10th May 2016

Lakeside Arts,

11th May 2016

The Quays Theatre, The Lowry
 Salford, Manchester

12th May 2016

The QuaysTheatre, The Lowry
Salford, Manchester

13th May 2016



17th May 2016

The Patrick Centre,
Birmingham Hippodrome

18th May 2016

The Patrick Centre,
Birmingham Hippodrome