Flamenco Edition '15

Presents Jesús Fernández: "Cádiz"

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Choreography & Dance

Jesús Fernández

Cante & Vocals

Miguel Rosendo Vázquez


Jesús Núñez


Israel Mera ‘Katumba’


Anabel Moreno


Susana Romero ’Su-Guein’


Mark Hunt

Jesús Fernández’s production of Cádiz portrayed his personal reflections towards his Andalucian roots. This commissioned work was a nostalgic view of the past of his home town and its walls – a walk through Cádiz, its beaches, its light, mystery and past.


Fernández performed original choreography accompanied by four outstanding artists hailing from Cádiz. The intimate surrounds of our three theatres for spring 2015 intensified this captivating show, featuring original flamenco music and dance at its finest.


“Jesús Fernández is one to watch … Instantly he started a love affair with the audience … The playfulness between the five artists onstage made Cádiz an escapade. I travelled to the Andalusian city; Fernández drove the car and we were all his passengers on this journey."

Bachtrack.com – Rosamaria Kostic Cisneros

“… The entire performance took on a dynamic precision that had the knowledgeable audience calling out after every complex move.”

Behind The Arras – Geoff Arras