Flamenco Edition '14. The Pilot project

Presents Jesús Fernández: "Cádiz"

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Choreography & Dance

Jesús Fernández

Cante & Vocals

Miguel Rosendo Vázquez


Jesús Núñez


Israel Mera ‘Katumba’


Anabel Moreno


Susana Romero ’Su-Guein’


Mark Hunt

Piloted at Helmhurst School of Dance in Birmingham in June 2014.


“Jesús Fernández is one to watch … Instantly he started a love affair with the audience … The playfulness between the five artists onstage made Cádiz an escapade. I travelled to the Andalusian city; Fernández drove the car and we were all his passengers on this journey."

Bachtrack.com – Rosamaria Kostic Cisneros

“… The entire performance took on a dynamic precision that had the knowledgeable audience calling out after every complex move.”

Behind The Arras – Geoff Arras